Tru Technology


Balance of Power and Sound

Since TRU Technology inception in 2002, has pursued a passion for quality product without compromise.  TRU  product has a retro-design with its traditional appearance, but these innovative amplifiers deliver all the performance and quality for any audiophile. Their goal is to design and build products that are TRU to the "Form Follows Function" Motto.

Today, TRU Technology represents audiophile excellence in audio amplifier engineering.  Their Class AB products are proudly designed and built in the United States and go through rigorous quality of 110% assurance to make each and every amplifier the finest.


TRU Technology believes in the necessity of a premium level of product.  Built with quality and innovative In-House engineering, TRU delivers only the finest Custom-Made amplifiers available in today's marketplace.  All products are Designed, Made and Assembled locally in Los Angeles, CA


From the beginning, TRU Technology's unrelenting commitment to provide the highest quality, best sounding car audio electronics utilizing superior components ultimately created a platform for exclusivity.  Because their product is a specialty line, TRU Technology is seeking dealers that can identify by appreciating in the workmanship and providing the finest products to its customers.

BILLET v2 Series Amplifiers


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Tungsten Series


Tungsten Grande Series


Line Amp-Conditioner